The 90 Degree Sticker Pack has been upgraded alongside the L90 pendant to help balance electromagnetic fields. As part of the home kit the following configuration is recommended:


 - 2 x L90 stickers should be placed on the home’s Wi-Fi router. No specific orientation is needed.

- 1 x L90 sticker should be placed on the homes smart meter if applicable

- 1 x L90 should be placed on a window on each of the 4 sides of the home (total 4)

- Additional L90 stickers can be placed on the TV, wireless devices in the home, and on mirrors.

-For Laptops, Ipads, and other wireless devices we recommend  two L90s and one Wi-Fi sticker for the best effect. 


The L90 angle is notable for having a strong protective effect on emotional levels. 

Extra 90Degree "L"Stickers - 5 Pairs (EMF, Windows, & Mirrors)